Montage - Shahbaz Hussain & Zayn Mohammed @ Rich Mix 09/19

A montage of Shahbaz Hussain and Zayn Mohammeds epic debut performance at RichMix on 24th September 2019. They only met for the very first time on the day! They will be back at RichMix on Saturday the 15th of February 2020.

Irene La Serranilla, Bailaora with CusCus Flamenco @ RichMix

Where to start with describing this from the recent event with CusCus Flamenco. As Bailaora Irene La Serranilla in my opinion transmits such emotional storytelling that as you sit through these 4 minutes, you can't not be pulled in. Olé! For the full playlist from the evening please visit our YouTube channel.

Baqir Abbas - Jazz master & #ThePiedPiperofPakistan

The #PiedPiperOfPakistan, my brother Baqir Abbas, a montage. Truly one of the great Bansuri musicians of his generation and the first to embrace Jazz & the Bansuri to this level. 

East meets West - Dam Mast Qalandar!

Our 2 favourite musicians, Baqir Abbas from Lahore, and Tahir Fareed of Canada, come together for this impromptu jam in Lahore.

Fanna-Fi-All at Union Chapel

Montage of Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali at The Union Chapel in London, October 2018. This was the first time Qawwali was performed at this iconic London venue.